Our 4 Tips on What to do and How to Act at a Gaming Event

So, you’ve never been to a gaming event, festival or conference before and you are not sure what to expect. You also don’t have the foggiest of what to do once you get there. While you are probably going to see what’s happening in the world of gaming, you could probably use some expert pointers.

In this post, we take a look at some handy tips that will ensure you have the time of your life when attending your first gaming event. Let’s get started!

Be Prepared


Do some research before you go. Visit the official website and have a look at all the participants, the venue and other important details to be prepared.

Make Notes of the Agenda


Perhaps you are only interested in a specific genre or talk. To ensure you know what’s happening when and where taking a look at the agenda and take note of all the details.

Try Out Some Games


Once you are there, remember you should have fun and enjoy the opportunity to be there. It’s kind of expected of you to try out some of the new games on display, so go ahead!

Be a Participant


If you are attending a conference or talk, be sure to participate and pose some questions. Remember, it can be a valuable learning opportunity for you too.

Not sure whether it is such a good idea to go after all? Here are four reasons why you absolutely must attend gaming events. Remember to enjoy yourself, and be mindful of other event-goers.