5 Awesome X-mas Gifts any Gamer Won’t Resist

We all dread Christmas shopping, coming up with gift lists, budgets and not to mention having to visit malls or shops. Luckily you can do most (if not all) of your Christmas shopping online nowadays. But that does not solve coming up with great gift ideas that everyone will love.

Buying the perfect gift for a hardcore gamer can also be a bit tricky. Now, if you are a gamer, you may want to forward this list to your SO and others who are buying gifts. If you are looking to buy something for a gamer you know, this list should feature at least one item he/she will absolutely love.

We’ve taken our pick of the very best out there, so you don’t have to sit with your head in your hands. You’re welcome!

Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2019

Who doesn’t love a bit of trivia that combos as serious motivation? If the gamer you know is serious about gaming and reaching ultimate high scores, the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition is a great gift. They’ll enjoy being able to see what the next high score is to beat.

Sony PlayStation Classic Console

Nothing brings back good memories than an all-time classic piece of gaming equipment. Sony’s re-releasing the classic console just in time for Christmas. Imagine going back in time and reminiscing while using this bad boy to play one of your favorite games.

‘Breath of the Wild’ 2019 Calendar

If you are a Legend of Zelda fan, or you know someone who is, this is a great stocking filler gift! Everyone likes having a snazzy calendar at hand to mark off all the exciting events they want to attend, and what better way to do so than with this awesome Breath of the Wild calendar?

Poké Ball Waffle Maker

A nice thoughtful gift that is also a novelty will also work fine! If you love Pokemon, this waffle maker is a great addition to the kitchen. Imagine making Poke Ball waffles for breakfast, just because. Not the best option, but a novelty gift will always get a good laugh.

Arcade1Up 12-in-1 Arcade Cabinet

The perfect gift for the hardcore gamer who used to frequent the arcade halls back in the 1980s! He/she will be able to play their heart out on any of the 12 games on this retro machine that’s perfect for any entertainment space in the home.

As an added extra, be sure to check out some exciting gaming events and festivals to attend. If you are working during this Festive Season, you don’t have to worry about missing out. It can actually be better to go away on vacation out-of-season. Have a great Christmas, whatever you end up doing.