Black Hills Celtic Events was founded by Deandre Choi a couple of years ago. Deandre is an expert event planner and social butterfly. In order to combine these two passions and connect with peers, Deandre saw it fit to launch this site.

The site has grown considerably since inception, and Deandre is now joined by a team of wonderful industry professionals. The team shares Deandre’s passion for social events, festivals and gaming, and aim to create and distribute high-quality content that is reliable.

We’re excited to welcome you to our online community and share all the latest in entertainment, festival and gaming news. Here’s more information about what Black Hills Celtic Events stand for.

Our Mission

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At Black Hills Celtic Events our goal is to be the number one resource in entertainment, events and festival news. We aim to be the best in providing information and content of the highest quality. Our mission is to create a space where the community can connect.

Our Vision

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Our vision at Black Hills Celtic Events is to promote local and global events while getting the online community involved. We provide the latest news and content to inform, educate and encourage our audience to engage with us as well as the broader community.

Our Values

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At Black Hills Celtic Events we believe in the importance of providing information and content that is unbiased and reliable. We strive to provide our online community updated on the latest news and events, on a regular basis.

We trust that you will find your feet on this site quickly and that you’ll blend in and make new friends in no-time. Welcome to the home of the freshest in entertainment and events news.